Urban PlanningPlanning for Urban Economic Sustainability

Our Mission

Downtown Solutions, a division of Civic Solutions, provides urban planning and urban design services for cities and towns committed to sustaining their urban environments. Increasingly, we find that a town’s zoning has created built environments that may not reflect what the community wants. Crafting new “smarter” zoning can help renew our urban environments in many ways. We were one of the first leaders to combine design guidelines into zoning codes and specific plans. The key to livable communities is good design.

Our Philosophy
  • Urban revitalization through the use of proven innovative design and planning tools coupled with genuine community-based input is at the heart of our philosophy.
  • Local citizens are the experts of their community; our role is to translate their visions into new plans, codes, and livable environments.
  • Historic assets, cultural traditions, economic realities, and the nature of each place are the heart of every plan we craft.
  • Every plan we create is started, lead, and finished by the Director.

That is our guarantee.

Urban planning services include:
  • Urban Planning and Design
  • Specific Plan/Strategic Plans
  • Design Guidelines
  • Development Regulations
  • Vision Plans
  • Charrettes
  • Public Outreach
  • Design Review

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