Design GuidelinesGraphics-Rich, User Friendly Communication Tool

Design guidelines prepared by our Downtown Solutions team are effective in bringing residents, business owners and developers onto the same page with the city.  Our guidelines are set up to be a communications tool rather than simply regulatory.  They are rich in graphics, illustrations and minimum text, and make liberal use of photos from the local community as examples.  

We have received APA awards for our guidelines as well as hybrid form based codes (downtown codes) and specific plans that incorporate these graphical forms of communication.  We have prepared stand-alone design guidelines for the following agencies:

  • City of Alhambra
  • City of Antioch
  • City of Calabasas
  • City of Downey
  • City of Irwindale
  • City of Menifee (Riverside County)
  • City of Rosemead
  • City of Yorba Linda
  • City of Yucaipa

See design guidelines project examples here