The quiet, historic community of Piru was faced with contemporary planning issues that were shaping how Piru would evolve over the next decade.  A proposed residential master planned development would have easily overwhelmed this charming community if planners did not pay attention to issues relating to design and density.  The Downtown Solutions team worked with the Southern California Association of Governments, Caltrans, and County of Ventura, and the Piru Neighborhood Council to ensure that this new development reflected the desires and needs of Piru, was supported by its residents, and evolved in a way that was respectful of the town’s past.

Downtown Solutions held a charrette/community workshop to determine what residential development Piru residents prefer, how much of it they would accept, and how the available parcels should develop (e.g. preferred densities, housing products, amenities, streetscape, and locations).  The work consisted of one-on-one interviews, group exercises, group discussions, several community design/density options, open forums, and presentations/discussions.

The final document consisted of a vision poster, at-a-glance zoning regulations, and residential design guidelines for the residential infill opportunities in central Piru.  The vision poster was very well received when Downtown Solutions presented it to the Piru Neighborhood Council.